Helping You Find a Therapist



Our offices are at 664 OFFICE PARKWAY, CREVE COEUR, MO., and have been since JULY 11, 2016. All other office locations for our providers on the internet are incorrect.



We regret to inform those looking for Mr. Meltzer that he has retired.  We were very sad to see him go.

If you're a former client of his and need records, please call our office to see if we can assist you. 


The Services We Provide  

Each provider at Mind Care brings their own skills and experience to you.  Services include a broad range of psychotherapy approaches and, when needed or desired, medication treatment.   Among the therapies available are couples therapy, group therapy, anger management treatment, and individual counseling. Techniques employed include insight-oriented therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, hypnosis, EMDR (Eye Movement Dissociation and Reprocessing), desensitization, guided imagery, and others.  

Insurance Coverage  

The providers in our office participate in most of the larger insurance plans in the St. Louis area.